Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Songwriting & Singer-SongWritering

This blog is about songwriting and "singer-songwritering" - not so much my own these days, since I'm not really playing out much any more, but about new or established artists who also take the popular song - in any style - seriously. I expect I'll write mostly about the tradition I'm embedded in, which is playing the acoustic guitar and singing, but I like all kinds of music and all kinds of songs, so I plan to write about any artist or song that catches my attention.  I used to complain back in the day that just because I played an acoustic guitar didn't make me a folkie. I write folkie songs, and torch songs, and sad ballads that would not be out of place in a Broadway musical, jazz-inflected tunes, and even R&B-tinged and/or rock-angled songs. Also weird, opaque and dystonic songs in no discernible style. 

So if you are a singer-songwriter or only a songwriter or a mad rock guitarist who writes songs and you have some product that other people can access for free or for money, send me something and I'll listen to it. I'll post links judiciously. I won't write a lot of promotional bombast. Nor will I rip people to shreds - after all, a large population of mediocre songwriters will still make the world a better place than a small population of, say, hedge fund managers. Perhaps we can change the world one song at a time.

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